Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Good Little Bunny With The Big Bad Teeth!!

Here is my short film! I had alot of fun making this little piece! I wanna say thank you to Pat lau, Lights, Jamie Gallant, Bianca Siercke,Krystal Georgiou and Matt Shepherd and Grandpa for the trailer music!!
Now........ lets enter a world where deranged forest creatures animate to the electronic beats and sweet synths of Juno award winner LIGHTS.Experience what it's like to be a bunny with nasty teeth in a world full of superficial woodland creatures.It playfully mocks our societies obsession with being perfect.This is also a tribute to classic musical shorts done by Disney studios in the 1930's.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Foolish Kingdom LAUNCH!!

Hey !!

I have officially neglected my dear sweet little blog. BUT Im back and I have a good excuse! I launched a new site called Foolish KIngdom.

This is a site I have created in partnership with Dainty Productions. This site will provide you with all the cute cartoon stuff you need!I will be screening The Good little Bunny WIth The Big Bad Teeth along with giving you endless cool surprises and fun free downloads!!!

If you want updates on the site just follow Foolish.K.Bunny on Twitter. He will always have the latest new on whats going down!!

Please check out the site! Let me know what you think!!