Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes!! I can finally Blog about my Redesign of "The Looney Tunes Show"

A year and a half ago I got an email from Tony Cervone. He asked me if I would be interested in taking a stab at giving the Looney Tunes a face lift for a new series. I was I took a stab at it and they really liked it! Ive been working with the team out in Burbank, California since.

The classic Looney Tunes from the mid fourties to the early fifties have always been my favorite era. My favorite directors have always been Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett.In my opinion these were the directors that drew Bugs and Daffy the best,and created the most funny and smart cartoons. As a kid I used to study the crap out of these films.So to be asked to give these characters a new look has been an amazing honor,hard, and fun experience!

The original Bugs and Daffy are beautiful designs that have been streamlined through the decades at Warner Brothers.So that was a tough one for me to figure out. I wanted to keep all the spirit of the characters without changing them dramatically.

I gave them slightly different proprtions that emphasise things I always liked about the characters. An example is Bugs' feet. I streamlined them and made them bigger. I thought it would look awesome in a walk cycle and be really fun to animate in general.
I spent six months creating a show turnarounds,notes and drawings showing the new designs.Id love to post some off the show bible but Ill have to check with my producers.

I knew I'd piss people off by making Bugs mauve and giving Daffy purple outlines. But I like color and like to try new things. A purple rabbit......why not.

The funnest part of this is the stir it has made in the animation community! Check out cartoon brew.Check out how much people hate this still from one of the episodes.

Im having a great time reading these comments.

Im looking forward to working more with the crew on this show! It has been a great time so far for me!!!!!!!