Monday, March 16, 2009

Chopper Fan ArT!!!


Blogger Rossco said...

Your art makes my eyes bubble!
You are awesome.


7:16 PM  
Blogger Crystal Wall Lancaster said... art! Look at you Miss Thang! :)

3:38 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


8:24 AM  
Blogger Tairy Greene said...

Your drawings are ridiculously solid, I feel like I could pick them up off the screen.

2:55 AM  
Blogger Mitch Leeuwe said...

This is so good constructed! It's more solid then 3D XD

11:17 AM  
Blogger Crystal Wall Lancaster said...

I'm a loser...I thought this was one of your characters and someone sent you fan art that they did of it. Hahahha...I'll go back into my cave now! :P

3:22 PM  
Blogger Chris Battle said...

This must make Danner happy.

8:04 AM  
Blogger guy ben said...


11:49 PM  
Blogger Joe Corrao 4 Eyed Animation said...

what software (?) did u use to create this?

11:48 PM  
Blogger ans said...


3:24 PM  

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